Asylum / An Ideal Woman

In Victorian upstate New York, a woman has an extramarital affair and is committed to an insane asylum by her husband. How do you maintain your sanity when the world tells you are ill and you have no right to feel as you do?

" Quid me nutrit me destruit." 
What nourishes me also destroys me.

Feature Film; 92 pages


The dichotomy of Desire

Nicole seeks to divorce herself from past pain and move on to a new life and love.  But the Devil you know is seductive and still very much a Devil. 


Short Film; 15 pages



A promising first date quickly turns into a one time only affair when He puts his head on Her chest and says: "Tell me I have a baby dick". His thing is being treated like a baby during sex. Hers is not. But now... if she leaves, She's rejecting Him at a vulnerable moment. If she stays, it's at the expense of herself. Fulfilling the role of power is not empowerment. Why does she stay and what responsibility do each of them have to make room for the word "no"?